A mobile app for Highly Sensitive Persons (HSP).


What's Peaceflow?

Peaceflow offers proven, directly applicable advice and techniques tailored to the needs of Highly Sensitive People.

What's "High Sensitivity" or "HSP"?

High Sensitivity is a trait intended by nature. It is connected to the way sensory information is processed at cognitive level and by the nervous system. Neither a condition, nor a "superpower", High Sensitivity is present in one person in five, according to Elaine Aaron who coined the term HSP, and the latest research.

Highly sensitive people might get overwhelmed quicker than others, however they might possess in-depth views of situations emerging from the way they are processing information.

We help our users find inner peace and flow more easily in their everyday lives by integrating small, effective steps, reminders, and impulses.

“Searching for advice online used to leave me overwhelmed by the noise and clutter. That's why I began curating real, effective strategies that not only worked for me but for others too. As I delved further, I identified specific situations that frequently challenged highly sensitive humans like myself. Now, I aim to share this readily actionable advice with you, without the distractions of social media or forums, in a format tailored for practical, everyday living.”

- Markus, Founder

Features Roadmap:

Status Details
Live Feature Situation-Specific Advice Already Proven To Be Working for Others
Live Feature Expert-Endorsed Techniques for Short- and Long-Term Effects
Live Feature Gentle Reminders for an Immediate Positive Mindset
Coming Soon Share Your Advice: Open to HSP Coaches and Everyone Else
Coming Soon Audio Guidance: Listen to Advice and Instructions
Coming Soon Curated Videos & Podcasts Related to Each Situation
Coming Soon More Languages: Hebrew, Arabian, Ukrainian, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, French, German
On the Horizon Audio Mixer with Podcast Snippets and Customizable Soothing Sounds
On the Horizon Wearable Device Integration for Real-time Feedback
On the Horizon Workspace Harmony Feature: Easy Steps and Business Certification for an HSP-Friendly Environment (
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iPhone Feature 01

Find the best helping techniques, mindsets, and impulses for specific situations you are in right now.

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iPhone Feature 02

Discover strategies and techniques that have already empowered numerous HSPs in their daily lives. Access both simple and advanced guidelines, always presented in the most optimal format.

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iPhone Feature 03

Individuals with heightened sensitivity thrive when exposed to stimuli tailored to their needs. From sounds and music to podcasts, courses, and much more — expect these enhancements in our upcoming versions!

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iPhone Feature 04

We are in the early stages of developing Peaceflow and value collaboration with our users. Please share your feedback, suggestions, and concerns. We're committed to incorporating your input for the benefit of everyone.